My life has never really included a fitness regimen.  When people would suggest exercise, I would literally laugh in their face: You want me to do what?

In fact, I wouldn’t exactly call anyone in my immediate family an athlete (although my brother is involved in gymnastics).  The last team sport I played was in elementary school and I basically took up space on the bench during softball games and shoved candy in my face.  My parents were, and still are, chain-smokers.  I truly believe that growing up in that harsh environment seriously stunted my athletic ability.  Despite being a non-smoker at the time, being around all the smoke really did a number on my lungs.  It took years of living on my own for my lungs to recover.

My college experience was typical: stress, binge drinking, and eating greasy, unhealthy food.  In 2004, I hit my tipping point and weighed in somewhere between 230-250 lbs.  After graduation, I moved from the suburbs to the big city (Pittsburgh).  I found a job downtown, which meant lots of walking to and from my bus stops.  I was feeling more confident and I joined a gym.  Things didn’t work out (with the job or the gym).

But thanks to a friend at work who managed her post-baby weight loss using Weight Watchers, I examined my eating habits for the first time in my life and drop some of the weight.  Thinking about my weight and my self-esteem was endlessly frustrating and felt hopeless.  For most of my life, I’ve lacked the motivation to actually follow through with goals.  When I entered into my Master’s program in 2010, things changed.  I regained confidence, motivation, and finally felt the gratification that comes with achieving a goal.

Based on the dozens of blogs I’ve been addicted to for years, I slowly developed a fascination with running.  In 2012, I set my sights on pushing myself to train and compete.  Sometimes, life can slow down the progression of our goals.  My goal to run a half marathon had to be put on the back burner, so that I could finish school and launch my business.  In 2013, my goals have not changed.  I’ve still got my sights set on a half marathon and I’m pushing myself harder than ever.

So, I guess this page is dedicated to the other kind of “sole”:


Upcoming Races:

Ole 5K – April 13th, 2013

Track My Progress:

Daily Mile

FitFluential Is Fitness Found


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