Four years ago, my partner and I purchased our first home.  At the time, we envisioned turning the house into a rental property and that is still the goal today.  We even rented it out for a year while we attended Slippery Rock University!

Some of the basic tenants that we live and work by:

1.  Reuse anything you can.  This includes building materials.  If we can’t reuse parts of the home that we’ve deconstructed ourselves, our first stop is a reused building warehouse called Construction Junction.

2.  Do as much of the work as you can on your own.  Home repair and remodeling doesn’t have to be rocket science!  If you research, talk to experts and professionals, and aren’t afraid to make a few mistakes – you can save a TON of money by doing the work yourself.  Luckily, my doll is an excellent handy gal!

3.  Why buy when you can create??  God didn’t grant us Pinterest so that we can keep investing money into big box stores where everything “cute” is made in China.  Get creative, integrate pieces you all ready own into new projects, find a new use for something.

I’ll include a few of my favorite DIY posts on this page.


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