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Sum Up Sunday

19 May

This week was pathetic.

No, really.

But, then it was kind of awesome.

After taking 6 days 12 days off of my training plan to birth some puppies and complain about sleep deprivation, I was more than a little worried.  See, I have had this habit in the past of attempting to build some kind of running base and then losing motivation for a few months.  I’ve basically had to start from scratch more times than I care to count or share with y’all.  So, on Wednesday, it was clear that I had to hit the pavement to make sure I wasn’t going to die during my 5K on Saturday see what I was made of.  Turns out, I’m made of pure grit baby!

I knew I couldn’t mess around with a little 2 mile teaser, I had to really push myself.  Especially since I was terrified that the Transit would come around the corner blasting more tough love and inspiration.  I couldn’t stand the thought of being caught taking a walking break while the inspo-wagon was on duty.  That’s like a Biggest Loser casting video waiting to happen.  So I switched up my route and busted out 2.5 miles at a pretty decent pace (12:01 mile) considering my lapse in exercise.

Then, on Thursday morning I pumped it up even more to 2.92 miles at a 12:07 pace.  I knew I was going to be running a farther distance, so I intentionally ran a bit more conservatively.  And guess what?  I was only about a minute off of my 5K PR and only .28 miles off.

FINALLY. FINALLY, I have built up enough of a base that I am able to basically pick up where I left off.  FINALLY.  Not that I plan on taking 6-12 days away again.  But it feels so damn good to know I’m making progress.

I know that’s right, y’all!


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On Friday, I gave myself the day off to recover and rest before race day.

Saturday was race day!  I’m not going to say much except for that you can read the full recap on Monday.

So here we are, another weekly summary.  I’m now officially turning the corner and adventuring out of the safety of 5K-land and into to the minor leagues!  (I’m making this up as I go, but I’m pretty sure we can consider 10Ks minor league and half marathons major league, right?)

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