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How To: Iron-On Letter FAIL

29 Apr

I occasionally endeavor into crafty things, like say for example, my girlfriend is coaching little league and forgot to order me a shirt…

So to the old (and I do mean old) craft bin, where I happened to find some iron-on letters circa 2003.

No wonder all the shirts I made in college looked like crap.

So, this is Michelle’s Guide to Crafting:

(You should see what the inside of my brain looks like, its even scarier than this.

The instructions said: hold iron on letter for 30 seconds, then release.


Yeah I figured it woldn’t be that easy.  See how the “Q” looks like someone’s been nibbling on it? The “I” did too, so I tried to reapply the iron but forgot the wax paper in between.  Ooops.  But lesson learned: (30 seconds = not enough time).

So I amped my time up to 45 seconds.  But, not having learned in attempt one, that the letters have to peeled away from the paper just so…resulted in this:

Lesson 2 and 3 learned: (Peel slowly and deliberately + find the side that wants to come up) + (Don’t think you can just push it down with your hand and it will adhere to the shirt).

So I persisted..

Really? I even tried putting the paper over it and letting the iron sit for another 10 seconds, but not this stubborn little guy.

The best I got?

Not enough confidence from this experiment to think the word “BLUEJAYS” is going to be coherent on my shirt.


This was mostly just for fun, I’m not a very crafty person to begin with and these letters are really old; I don’t even know the brand name.

Has anyone else ever tried to make a shirt for America’s favorite pasttime?

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