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Sunshine & Schenley

16 Apr

You would not believe the frustration I have had with the internet for the past few days.  We thought dropping internet from our “bundle” would save us money because we could make both of our iPhones Hot Spots for $20 a month.  Well, let me tell you.  I could barely keep a connection on the damn thing, it wouldn’t let me use wordpress or any of the photo editing sites I use to write my blog.  It could barely handle Facebook.  AND Verizon charges you for the data usage for your Hot Spot.

Something smells fishy here and it ain’t the Jersey Shore..

Sorry, I couldn’t pass that one up.

So anyway, we switched internet providers, found a better price and I’m back!  (Which in my opinion, is the most important part!)

Now that I’ve rambled on about my internet withdrawal and frustrations,

Have you ever just needed to unplug?

Or even not unplug, but just take some time outside, with the intent to do nothing at all?

She♥ and I had been feeling the need for some down time for awhile, so a few days ago we took a blanket up to Schenley Park and did nothing.

It was pretty much amazing.

We have two different ways of winding down I think though.  Mine:

And hers:

Whatever works 🙂

I of course got bored quickly because both books I brought have such antiquated tones that I can literally only read for 15 minutes at a time.

Turns out the little section of the park we picked was awesome.  It had a little pavilion (obvi, most sites do), with cool picnic tables:

The pavilion itself of course had the required garbage bin (for parties, etc.) but it made me really happy when I noticed ours also had a big recycling bin too!!

Pittsburgh may be a green city, but its hard to find those damn recycling bins around.  They SHOULD be more conenient, so more people would USE them.

But who asked me, I’m not in charge here – and our little area had one!  Score one for sustainability.

This may seem minuscule to some of my readers, but bike racks are really important for a city to survive in a multi-modal way.  Pittsburgh happens to be a popular city for bicyclists, as it should be.  Our dependence on cars has completely ruined our way of life and our environment (trust me, I know I’m guilty in that as well).  The more things that a city does to encourage multi-modal transportation (like buses, light-rail, bicycle lanes, etc.), then the more people are likely to take advantage.

Just like the recycling bin…get it?

While I was checking out the bike rack like a freak, I happened to notice that we were just below a disc golf course!


And it was BUMPIN’!

We pinky-promised to go disc golfing another day, and I gathered some durable sticks which I plan to use as row markers in my garden this summer. ♥

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