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♥ God Bless Boston ♥

17 Apr

I wanted to take a few days to process the events that happened in Boston before I mentioned them on the blog.  I think that I’ve done that, and I feel that I need to get some things out of my system.

This is not a running blog, by any means.

I’m so new to this sport that sometimes I forget that I am a runner.

But, I run.  I am a runner.

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But, I completed my first 5K two days before the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.  I trained for 9 weeks leading up that 5K.  Every single day I poured some degree of blood, sweat, and tears into training.  It consumed me.  In my entire life, I had never felt such a sense of accomplishment and pride and emotions and celebrations as when I crossed that finish line and hugged my loved ones, who had been patiently cheering for me.  I know that feeling is shared by anyone who has ever completed a race.

I can’t even imagine how much people train to make it the whole way to the Boston Marathon.  I will never know what its like to hit that last mile, to see that finish line; to lock eyes with the loved ones waiting and cheering you on; to have that ripped away in chaos, smoke, and shrapnel.  That is something I can’t even imagine.  Something I don’t want to imagine.

I started running because I wanted to feel a sense of personal accomplishment while I made healthy changes in my life.  I wasn’t sure I was even qualified to be discussing the BM tragedy  because I’m so new to the sport.  But, I run.  I am a runner.  While I don’t know anyone personally who was running that day (or spectating outside of the medic tent, really), I felt connected to those people.  I felt scared for them and their families and for all runners who now have something else to overcome to get to a finish line.  I felt anxiety about the upcoming Pittsburgh Marathon, where I will be cheering from the sidelines for my mother-in-law, friends, and other family.

Over the last few days, I never faltered in my commitment to this sport.  My commitment to continue training and continue signing up for races.  On Tuesday morning, I ran two very slow miles before work.  I know this sounds lame, but it was emotional.  I thought about the hundreds, probably thousands, of people who were at the race that day and who are forever effected by what they experienced and heard and saw.  I prayed for the people who had been hurt and for their families.  I prayed that they continue to find ways to enjoy the sport that they love, that they worked so hard for.

I was on the fence about my next move with running.  There are several 5Ks that I’ve mentally committed to in the upcoming months.  I had toyed with the idea of an upcoming 10K in June.  My ultimate goal is to run a half marathon.  Its weird that when a tragedy occurs, even when its not to you or anyone you know, it touches you on an emotional level.  Sometimes you find personal clarity in all the public confusion.

The last few days have been full of invaluable lessons for everyone.  I can only speak for myself.

On Saturday, I learned that I can do whatever I want to, if I train hard enough and push myself.  I challenged what I thought were my personal limits and I exceeded them.  The bar is higher now.  On Sunday, I learned to celebrate my accomplishments and look towards future goals with new eyes.  Its true that arriving at one goal can be the starting point to another.  On Monday, I learned that life can change in the blink of an eye.


And just like that, my 10K training starts.  You never know when everything can be taken away from you.  I have to do this now, because the future doesn’t come with a guarantee.  My feet are pounding the same pavements, but I see them through different eyes.  And for now, my heart is with the people effected by the tragedy at the Boston Marathon.

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