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5 Thing Friday

6 Dec

1.  We finally got a chance to see We’re The Miller’s this week.  It was absolutely hysterical!  I will not put any spoilers here, but you should definitely watch it if you get a chance.  I was worried that the previews gave away all of the funny parts, but even Hollywood promotional materials couldn’t ruin it.


2.  Mother Jones came out with a pretty good article about BPA this week.  After years of public outcry and evidence of toxicity, the endocrine disrupting chemical known as BPA is being banned from plastic bottle manufacturing and baby/child products.  However, think tanks are forecasting the BPA industry to see even more growth over the next 6 years. Despite Americans’ increased focus and awareness of environmental/health issues, North America is the third largest regional market for BPA in the world.  Wha?  I just don’t understand.

3.  The dates have been announced for Pittsburgh’s Winter 2014 Restaurant Week, which will run from January 13th-19th.  Make sure you check out the PRW website and make a reservation somewhere you have never been!  I strongly recommend checking out restaurants that support the Farm To Table or Eat Local movements – and yes, they are labeled so on the website.


4.  The NY Times released a Civil Behavior piece questioning whether college applicants should address their own sexual identity it in their application essays.  The author’s advice to applicants is to research the college to which they are applying for and then decide whether to address the issue based on the intended admissions department.  It’s disgusting that applicants are chastised for not “digging deep enough” or “getting personal enough” when representing themselves in these essays, yet should sometimes withhold their sexual identity, which is at the very core of that identity.  If you aren’t gay or aren’t yet gay, let me tell you – its a pretty big part of your personality, self-image, history, and more than likely will direct your moral compass and values.  More often than not, coming out is something that you battled with yourself or your family or your friends or schoolmates or teammates or neighbors.


So, yeah.  Lezbihonest, it’s not cool to ask people to omit/cover up such a huge part of their core self to simply BE WORTHY ENOUGH TO EARN AN EDUCATION from a higher institution which has promised the general public to better society.  Needless to say, this article made me want to get in the car and drive to the closest conservative college and suck face with my girlfriend in the middle of the admissions office.  DURING prospective student tours.

5.  So. Many. Babies.  None of them belong to me though – so big congratulations go out to David & Melanie, Roney & Alicia, Meg & Dennis, Ed & Di, and anyone else who popped one out over the last few weeks.

Weekend Ponderings:

  • Do you think LGBT college applicants should address their sexual identities?  Only if it suits their overall topic?  Avoid it completely?
  • Which restaurants are you going to try this for 2014 Pittsburgh Restaurant Week?

BPA-Free + Balanced Bites

9 Apr

This week, I knew I had to get serious about eating better.  I feel like I’ve been making healthier choices, but I don’t think I’m eating enough.

For example, on Monday I ate a banana after my run along with 2 whole wheat Wasa crackers with almond butter.  I was feeling pretty good and I felt confident about the lunch I packed.


How cute are these little containers that MiraBrands sent me to test out?  Keep an eye because next week I’ll be doing a giveaway and one lucky reader will get a set of their own!  The containers are food-grade  stainless steel and the lids are LDPE #4 (non-toxic) plastic.  Both are free of BPA, phthalates, PVC, and lead.  You can read more about why I chose BPA-free containers here.

Lunch was perhaps too simple:


1 cup of strawberries….and 2 cans of drained tuna with just a small dab of light mayo and black pepper


Believe it, the larger container held 2 cans of tuna with room to spare.  Not only was I impressed by the capacity, but also the fact that at no point during the morning did I SMELL tuna.  Those lids locked pretty darn tight and passed my tuna test.  🙂

I had packed 3 hard-boiled eggs for added protein, but then I realized that they were getting to be around 2 weeks old.  While I scoff in the face of expiration dates on uncooked eggs, cooked eggs are a little bit more susceptible to salmonella.  I didn’t want to risk it, so no eggs for me.  I believe this oversight was where my self-sabotage began.

When I got home from work, I immediately popped 3 porkchops into a balsamic, agave-maple, and olive oil marinate for an hour.  Then, I roasted some brussells sprouts in garlic and broiled the pork chops.  Everything was just eh.  The porkchops didn’t have enough time to really get much flavor and I just didn’t feel full.

By 8 pm I had a pounding headache and checked my calorie counting app only to discover that I had consumer less than 700 calories for the day.  So, I drank a few beers and fell into a deep sleep.

I think that today went a tad bit better, and I’m hoping that by Saturday I can find some kind of non-coffee-induced energy balance.  I know that clean eating falls in the middle of the spectrum, somewhere between starvation and over-indulgence.  I just have to find a way to avoid the extremes.  AKA the story of my life.

Get Educated on BPA

4 Apr

By now, we’re all familiar with the phrase “BPA-free” – but what is BPA and why should we avoid it?

BPA stands for Bisphenol A, which is a chemical used to make certain plastics and epoxy resins.  It’s clear, durable, and used in millions of consumer products.  But, it acts as a endocrine-disruptor that can really mess with people’s hormones.  Especially estrogen.  Research has shown that within humans and animals,  BPA will highly concentrate in placenta.  We are being born poisoned by BPA.  Because of this horrifying fact, the FDA took a serious look at the safety of using BPA in products geared towards newborns, infants, and young children.  Now, Canada, Europe, and the US have banned the use of BPA in manufacturing baby bottles.

But guess what?  Its still everywhere.  It’s in my polycarbonate eyeglass lenses, food containers, water bottles, dental fillings, sports equipment, DVDs, toys, water pipes, thermal receipt paper, and all kinds of other stuff.  And guess what else?  If a product contains BPA, they don’t have to include that on the label.  Scary.

Testing on lab rats has shown a myriad of potential negative health effects.  Trends towards early puberty, obesity, thyroid issues, breast & prostate cancers, hyperactivity, poor memory, and proclivity to drug abuse/addiction.  The research goes on and on.  And yet, we are told by the FDA that exposure to BPA is low risk.  They say the same thing about disposable diapers and I would never, ever, ever put one on my child.  I’m not buying into it and I’m not buying it.

Products labelled with the recycling codes 7 or 3 are the most likely to contain BPA, but that’s no guarantee.  Code 7 is basically just a lump category for “other stuff,” like polycarbonate.  Trace amounts of BPA might be found in any of the other recycling codes.  If it’s not labeled BPA-free, then its extremely probably that the product contains BPA in at least trace amounts.  I’ve heard people say things like Well its only trace amounts, what’s the big deal?  Well, if every thing you come in contact with contains trace amounts, then by the end of the day/week/year you have come into contact with large amounts of the chemical.  And that is a big deal.

The life-cycle of BPA doesn’t end there.  Once we throw these products away, BPA leeches into the soil and into the water.  We then get poisoned all over again from food grown from the land and from water.  The leeching of BPA effects animals, as well.  And guess what?  Those are the same animals that end up on your dinner plate.

(source + source)

Do you buy BPA-free?

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