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12 May

After not living in our home for one year and having tenants during that time, we lost our backyard.

We looked out the back window and it just wasn’t there anymore.  The brick patio was gone and so was the sidewalk.

Everything completely swallowed up by weeds and grass that had grown higher than my knees.

But the other day, we started the long process of reclaiming it.

We even have 1 horseshoe pit back!

Once we weed-whack the rest of the weeds on the patio, our furniture will get moved back to its rightful place!

I fenced off my little 3x3x3 composting site because the dogs have been chowing down on all my rotting veggies:

And my herbs have found a place in the sun where they seem happy.  Well, two of the five original herb plants are happy:

I just recently used a bit of my flat leaf parsley and I hope it is able to fight its way back to life.  The chives have succumbed.  The basil never had a chance.  Obviously I need to find something that requires mint and cilantro or transplant these beasts to their own containers.

Its going to be a long process before we can enjoy what little back yard we even have, but it is a great start. 🙂

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