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28 Apr

Well, Changin’ Time is one step closer to expansion, pending some serious financial decisions to be made this week (and not by us).  So last night, feeling pretty confident in what we have accomplished so far, she♥ and I went out to celebrate a little bit.

Like an good lesbians, we went to Shadyside, thinking we would do a mini-bar crawl (like 3 bars).  We started at 5801 because, hello.  Its gay and classy and has a patio (not that it was warm enough to take advantage of it).

I am pretty sure this is her♥ initiation into Pittsburgh Craft Beer Week

Mine was the other day, if you remember correctly.  She hated this one, but ended up finding one she did like.

I had a pomegranate martini.

Now, I am by no means a drinker at this point in my life.  Beer has made me fat.  Wine is fine.  But liquor – whew! – things can get a little messy.

So in order for me to maintain my dignity (and don’t worry, I spilled some of my drink after 3 SIPS!), we ordered one of the healthier looking bar munchies, roasted red pepper hummus with flatbread:

So good!  The flatbread seemed like it had been fried though, which of course takes the health level down, but we didn’t even finish the small portion that we shared.  Guilt-free celebration, especially since I turned out to be a one-tini-weenie.

We called it a night by 9:30 and crawled into bed…had to get up early to support some of our boys at their track meet this morning!

Of course Shadyside is known for its nightlife, but I do like to people watch and check out scenery so our trips to Shadyside are like a triple threat!

This was the gallery we parked next to, so I thought I’d take a few shots to share:

It was a great night!  Just long enough for a little celebration and then a lot of sleep so we can get a TON done this weekend!

The kids did amazing at the track meet today, and hopefully the little league game that she♥ has this afternoon will go the same.  Go Bluejays!!

I Love Homestead ♥

16 Mar

This morning we went for a walk out of our small neighborhood and into Homestead’s Eighth Avenue corridor.

If you’ve never driven through the area, its almost shocking how blighted the main street is.  It lies in stark contrast to the bustling developed area called the Waterfront, just beyond the train tracks.  I sometimes think its a statement by the public – how many areas are completely blighted and then separated by train tracks from one of the most popular consumer destinations in Pittsburgh?

Something is wrong here, people.

I have a meeting on Monday with someone from the Enterprise Zone.  What is the Enterprise Zone you ask?  It is an organization which helps turn blight around in the Steel Valley, which has been correctly labeled an impoverished area.  Bringing businesses, especially green businesses, to the main street could turn the image of the entire Steel Valley around.  When people feel like there are great places to shop and eat, they aren’t afraid to move to areas and reinvest their tax dollars there.  For example – the South Side of Pittsburgh.  If you are new to the ‘Burgh, you may not even know what South Side used to look like.  Trust me, it weren’t pretty.  It was predominantly low-income mill workers in ethnic clusters (as was Homestead, to be honest).

Between 10-15 years ago, a developer approached Homestead to turn one of Andrew Carnegie’s defunct steel mills into a redeveloped brownfield.  The end product was incredible and has done so much for the Steel Valley.



And after:

While I’m not thrilled that there are so many parking lots and not so many pedestrian/bike areas, I am glad that there is commerce happening in my area.  However, if you think of it in terms of social justice, much of the money being made at the Waterfront is NOT being put back into Homestead.  Many people forget that they are the same place.

Anyway, that’s my morning rant.

I will be meeting with someone from the Enterprise Zone on Monday to find out how businesses can get help to anchor themselves to Eighth Avenue.



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