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The Biggest Announcement Yet!

9 May

2014 has been a strange sort of year for me.  I’ve got personal goals spewing out of my mouth like bottle rockets: upcoming races, books I want to read, writing goals, fitness ideas.


It’s all becoming a bit of a problem.  When you’re an indecisive person like I am, the last thing you need is inspiration like firecrackers: excitement building, a big sudden bang, but then suddenly just smoke in the wind.


This year (aka the year I turned 30), I knew I had to make a change in my attitude or I would forever be caught in a cycle of things left unfinished.  I told myself that I didn’t want to feel like that ever again.  So, I changed.  I stopped putting so much pressure on myself, I started using running mantras, I embraced flexibility as a means to success, I stopped comparing my progress and performance to the progress and performance of others, I starting being accountable for what goes in my body.  I started having fun with running and that changed everything.


I took this week as a recovery week.  I’ve been reflecting on my work schedule, family obligations, etc. to figure out what my next move is.  Last summer, I was all wishy-washy about my goals and I ended up squandering opportunities to run 2 of the big races I really wanted to do:  The Man Up 10K and The Great Race.  Now that I’ve proven to myself that I can finish a 10K, I’m ready to make a big move.

So let’s chat goals.  There are a few 5Ks and 10Ks I’d like to run in the next few months, but one big fat race waiting for me in the fall.  I feel sick typing this, but here goes nothing:  I’ve made up my mind to run the Erie Half Marathon.  I’ve now said it out loud on the internet so that means I have to do it, right?  It’s a flat half marathon in an incredibly scenic state park that is spectator friendly.  Any races I participate in between now and September 14th are just preparation for that day.


Oh, this is going to be a winding, lovely road built of blood, sweat, and tears.  In the back of my mind, the idea of running a friggin’ half marathon has been slowly gaining momentum for years and I’ve never felt more ready.  I am trading in my anxiety and self-doubt.  I’m trading them in for a really hard, elusive, demanding, difficult-to-explain thing that is the half marathon.  I can’t wait to suck every drop out of this experience, document it, and store it away here in this place that I love.


UPDATE (6/5/13):  I will no longer be running the 2014 Erie Half – it’s the Pittsburgh Half 2015 or die trying!  ♥  



27 Dec

Well I was about to write a really boring 2013 recap for you, but…



In that spirit, I think it’s resolution time!

2011:  I resolved to leave corporate sales world and go back to school for my master’s degree in sustainable systems.  Yikes!  What a scary, exciting time for us.  This is also the first time in my life that I consistently worked out (& to be honest, it was pretty inconsistent).

2012:  I resolved to focus more on sustainability, eat out less, and run a half marathon (specifically a few 5Ks, a 10K, and then lead up to a half).  At this point in my life, I truly had no understanding of what that meant.  I just knew I needed a change.  Looking back on my posts from this time period, things seem very stagnant, with much of my time being focused on opening our business and graduating.

2013: From my postings, I seemed to feel unresolved regarding 2012.  I was disappointed with my running progress and my lack of commitment to healthy living.  While I can say with 100% certainty that I achieved my goal of living more sustainably, I re-committed to my fitness goal of running a half marathon.  I ran 2 5Ks, graduated from school, and we unexpectedly purchased 2 additional rental properties:  certainly nothing to scoff at.

2014:  I’m feeling like I had at least some forward momentum in 2013.  I’ve had the same goal for 3 years and I’ve barely made any headway in attaining it. That’s not a very good feeling.  I’m also staring down 30.  My one and only goal for 2014 is to finally get it right.  I’m not making any specific promises to myself (trust me, I still think about that half every day), but I am going to get it done in no uncertain terms.

2013 was bittersweet.  There’s a humbling balance to that, though.  With all of its highs and lows, I am thankful for every moment of 2013.  I am looking forward to a new year and a fresh start!


Meet Mallory

17 May

Today I thought I’d switch it up and talk about someone else for a change.  I’ve been following a friend’s weight loss, fitness, and life transformation via Facebook for the last few years.  Mallory’s journey has been really inspiration for me and I was especially curious to know what its like to be a low carb athlete.  Enjoy!

Q1:  Are you carb-free or low-carb?

A1:  I’m low carb. I always have less than 50g of carbs per day, usually I’m under 30g.

Q2:  When did you make your decision to eliminate/cut carbs and why?

A2:   About a year ago, Charlie (her husband) decided he wanted to try low-carb based off of some conversations with a friend that he met while working at a sandwich shop. We had both lost some weight by cutting calories and running a few years back before our wedding, but we both gained weight back so we decided to try it. I struggled with it for a while and I had cheat days sometimes, but as of now, I haven’t had over 50g of carbs in a day since Easter.

Q3:  Were you a runner prior to eliminating/cutting carbs?

A3:    I started running before I started dieting. Running was something that I never, ever wanted to do or even thought about.  But living in Pittsburgh made me realize how awesome it is for both physical and mental health. I started running when I weighed 210 pounds. I decided that i needed to make drastic changes in my life, and couldn’t think of anything more drastic than that!

MalloryBefore Q4:  How have your running/training/fitness experiences been affected since you changed your diet?  (For example, do you notice that you have more or less energy?  Do you notice that it’s easier for you to lose weight?)

A4:   At first, I was really concerned with running while eating low-carb. I was still in the mindset of needing to “carb load” before long runs. I eventually just stopped wanting to eat carbs for the most part.  Before I run, I really don’t eat carbs.  Instead, I’ll have eggs, cheese and bacon.  Carbs are important for recovering, though, so on days that I run I eat a little more. The carbs that I do eat are usually from beans and vegetables (Wendy’s chili and Baja Salads, for example).  As far as energy -I have way more of it!  I sleep better, I wake up more easily, I feel like I recover from long runs and hard workouts better than I ever have, and losing weight is definitely easier.

Q5:  Have you dealt with any fitness-related challenges since making such a big change in your diet?

A5:   The only challenge I have at this point, is finding time for runs. I work a lot of hours in varying shifts, so it’s hard to schedule my runs. Physically, though, I haven’t had problems since I’ve changed my diet.

Q6:  What foods do you depend on to fuel and recover from your workouts now? 

A6:   After a run, I make sure to only drink water until my thirst is quenched. Over hydrating is just as bad as being dehydrated, so I’m very careful with that. I normally try to run right before it’s time to eat a meal, so when I’m done I just eat whatever I would normally: meat, cheese and vegetables and/or beans depending on the intensity of my workout or run.

Q7:  Does your nutritional plan change when you aren’t training for a race?

A7:   I really try not to change my nutritional plan. At this point, I’m not on a diet.  I’ve just changed my eating lifestyle. When I am training for a race, I will eat closer to 50g of carbs on longer run days, but otherwise, I stay around 30g.  I have recently been seeing a fertility specialist and during her testing, we found out that I’m pre- diabetic. I have a condition called Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and it’s closely related to Type 2 Diabetes.  I started eating low-carb because I wanted to lose weight, but now I enjoy eating low-carb.  It helps me keep my sugar low by not ingesting unnecessary sugar via carbs.

MalloryB&AQ8:  What upcoming fitness goals are you excited to share with us?

A8:   I decided that while I really enjoy seeing lower numbers on the scale, I no longer have a specific weight loss goal.  I decided to make a goal of being able to wear a bikini. I know that sounds kind of weird and super girly, but I never felt like that was something that I could do.  I feel like anything is possible now! Also, I am going to be running some races coming up. I’ll be doing the Montour Trail Half Marathon in September in Robinson Twp. (right outside of Pittsburgh), and I’m giving a full marathon another shot in October at the Wineglass Marathon in New York. Today is actually exactly 2 years since I ran in the Pittsburgh Marathon, but didn’t finish. That moment really made me fall out of love with running for a while, but I’m really back in love again and look forward to earning the title of marathoner!

Thanks for sharing your story Mallory – and good luck at the Montour Half, girl!

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