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“Life does not start and stop at your convenience, Donny.”

15 May

The last 2 weeks have felt like I’m trying to walk a mile through a foot of honey.  I mean that figuratively (see: My legs are fine, yet I’ve managed to do absolutely NOTHING fitness related).  We were planning on moving to a new house, but at the last minute we decided we could make more money flipping it.  My heart is broken that I won’t be using the newly remodeled, gorgeous kitchen but I know this is a better decision for us.


Honestly, it will take a miracle to find something that beats the location of our current house!!  Now, I am trying to reorganize the current house because half of our stuff is packed up and strewn all around.  Fun times!  It’s actually a good opportunity for us to get everything in order and purge some unnecessary belongings.  Needless to say, my race/fitness budget is tighter than ever.  I know that my last post said I will be running the Erie Half Marathon, but 2 days ago the full marathon sold out.  I won’t be able to register until the beginning of June.  GAH!


Keep your fingers crossed for me, I don’t want to have to go on the waiting list!  If it’s mean to be, it will be.  Otherwise, I will have to find another fall half marathon. 😦  And I really want to do the flat one.  😦  LOL!!

I’ve managed to stay on track with nutrition MOSTLY since the relay, but we all know what happens if I lose momentum with fitness…


Running a half marathon isn’t my only goal and I need to keep sight of them all, finding balance every day.  My major goal for 2014 is to get down to my goal weight:  I’m 23 lbs. away from just being in the overweight BMI range (as opposed to staying in the obese BMI range like I am now), but 43 lbs. away from being in the healthy BMI range. The OMG-eat-everything-in-sight urge that running gives me combined with a real lack of commitment has sort of hindered my progress towards that goal so far.  I’ve dropped a few pounds since January, obviously, but the level of activity that I’m putting in right now isn’t going to get the job done.  I’m only managing to maintain my current weight, still fluctuating within 10 lbs. of my starting weight on any given day.  23 lbs. honestly isn’t even that much weight, I don’t know what my problem is!  Oh yeah, chocolate.

Beginning TODAY (no, not tomorrow, not this weekend, not Monday, TODAY), I am really committing myself to this HIIT / Tabata strength training in addition to the one my trainer assigned me AND maintaining regular cardio.  If there is anything I’ve learned from the journey thus far it is this:  You will only get out of it what you put into it.  And boy am I sick of being this size.  It’s the time of year where I need to be buying summer clothes and I am nowhere near happy with how my body looks.  But, I will get there.  I will get there.  I will get there.  The only thing stopping me is me!

It’s time to BUCKLE DOWN.


This chick abides, man.

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