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I Don’t Even Know…

2 Apr

Oh my gosh, I have been an emotion wreck lately people!!  I feel like I can’t catch my balance between trying to launch this business, basically jumping into my grad school research much later than I should have, along with managing my daily life and relationship.  I’m exhausted from just typing that.

I have really been in need of some R&R since my birthday over the weekend!

Have you ever just been so stressed out you want to hold one of these guys for hours and hours?  Well I feel like that , but there are no more puppies.  Booooo.  Although that being thrown into my already hectic mix would send me over the edge in hours.

Some pretty cool stuff has been happening…

Like I turned 28, which baffles me.  When did this happen?  I feel like I was just 23 thinking: “I’m going to be like this forever!” Ha ha.  Ha.    Ha.

I know that’s right.

Being a business owner is hard, especially when you are in the process of launching.  It’s emotionally taxing, mentally exhausting, physically draining and basically just a big fun-sucker.  Just have to keep reminding myself that all this Changin’ Time stuff will all be worth it someday…

Pssh…Okay so I’ll never be as cool as the Biebs.

But I would like to get this business growing and growing.  I’m so impatient!!!

I hope none of you were anybody’s April Fool.  I made it through that particular holiday without one prank being pulled on me, which is unexpected because I live with a prankster.  Now I am on edge…

His teeth literally frighten me.

I don’t even remember what this post was supposed to be about…

If you find my brain, please send it back home.

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