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Why I Love January

2 Jan

The start to the year is an exciting time because it feels like we are given the opportunity to hit reset; it also happens to fall during the time of year in which we may feel like we have been hitting snooze!  We truly are given another chance, another fresh start, another blank slate full of possibilities.  That feeling is like my crack.  Kind of explains my habit of throwing myself into countless new projects and passions, only to quickly get bored and move onto the next new and exciting thing?  I guess I’m like a dog in that way.

photo 5

Such a cheerful note to start the new year on!  Seriously, though, the new year is a great time to jump-start strategies to achieve goals which have been lingering around.  My goal for the last few years has been to change my lifestyle with healthy choices and fitness.  For the longest time, I thought running would be a good vehicle for that.  I still love running, and do have a few new running goals for 2014, but this year my goal is to lose weight.  If I’m being brutally honest, a 50 lb. deficit will take me into a normal, healthy BMI range.  I find that to be shocking, but I’m a real person with real stresses and a history of struggling with my weight.  I hit a plateau during that journey a long time ago, but I’m ready to get moving again.  Literally.

Maybe even up these stairs I found on my run!

Maybe even up these stairs I found on my run!

I am not going vegetarian, vegan, paleo, gluten-free, raw, or any of the other countless dietary restrictions.  I’m not joining Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, or Atkins.  I am going to get it done the old fashion way – eating healthy, balanced meals and exercising.  For once, I feel prepared for the hard work that’s ahead and I have the determination to keep going even when it’s hard – I’m turning 30 this year!  I feel like I am running out of chances to get it done.  This year symbolically and literally marks a different phase of my life, and I want to start it off on the right foot.  The right foot which will hopefully soon be attached to a much smaller body.


Err…lifestyle change.  Whatever.

Six days ago, I committed to a 50 lb. weight loss goal and I challenged myself to do something active every day no matter how small.  Since then, I have logged almost 6 miles, done 2 hours of Zumba, taken a pump class, and done yoga.  The last week has been awesome!  Some little crazy voice inside my head even wonders if I could lose 30 lbs. by my 30th birthday?

It was only a matter of time before Christina got me sick, though.  This morning I woke up with chest and nasal congestion, runny nose, coughing, along with feeling like I’m an iPhone 5 in LTE mode that didn’t get charged overnight and is clinging to that last 4% of battery even though you’ve force-quit all the apps.  Everything in me wants to curl up under a blanket and sleep away this feeling, but I know that I need to take care of myself and push through.

Stranger Things Have Happened

11 Oct

Well, I did it.

After weeks of complaining and inactivity, I finally just forced myself out of bed early and did it.


I re-joined the Athletic Club at the Carnegie Library of Homestead.

I’ve all ready had 3 people ask me if I’m crazy.  See, my community has a less than stellar reputation because of high crime rates in recent decades, pockets of low income populations, and stunted economic development.  I find this reputation to be unwarranted and unfair.  I love it here.  I live, work, and play in this area and I have never once felt scared or threatened by anyone.  Except for this one lady who sucker punched me in the face during a road rage incident.  I don’t want to burst anyone’s bubble but, there is crime in even the wealthiest community.  There are junkies running dry everywhere people.  But I’ve done a lot of research into gyms in my area, comparing the pros and cons that go along with each.  I’ll get to what went into my decision in a second.

First, let me show you the place.  The Athletic Club takes up the second floor and the basement at the Carnegie Library of Homestead, which is nestled in an idyllic historical pocket of Homestead.




Those wooden doors will take you into the actual library, but if you head upstairs you will see this door:


I’ve been in a bit of a rush the last 2 mornings due to other things going on, so I didn’t take the time to take photos inside.  I will make sure to give you guys an inside look/tour over the next few days!

So, why the Athletic Club at the Carnegie Library?

1.  Proximity.  The library is almost exactly 1 mile away from my house.  Christina has the car?  No problem.  I can just walk over there!  The next closest gyms were 4.5 miles away (LA Fitness)  and 5.5 miles away (Fitness 247).

2.  Price.  The AC is $35 a month.  So, for $420 a year (it actually goes down to $300 if you pay the year in advance) I get access to a fully equipped gym, a heated swimming pool, a 6 hoop basketball court, an indoor track, and unlimited classes.  LA Fitness would have been $459 with $99 down.  Fitness 247 has a special right now for $300/year if paid in full – $348 if paid monthly – but like I said, its 10.5 miles round trip.  No contract, no initiation fee, nothing like that.

3.  Amenities.  No, there isn’t a tanning bed included in my membership, but I am fine with that.  There is a newly renovated heated pool, though, which none of the other gyms can offer.  There is a big room with cardio and weight machines, another room with just free weights, and like I said before – a giant basketball court with 6 hoops and an indoor track above it.  There is non-metered parking all over the place.  I like that it’s not busy.  I’m going to get my sweat on and get out, not to have social hour.  In the morning, there are maybe 4 people in their 20s-30s and 2-3 elderly people working out.  It is glorious.

4.  Pride.  The Carnegie Library of Homestead, includes not only the athletic club but also a gorgeous music hall, is a non-profit.  I respect that the facility is there for the right reasons and has remained open for the betterment of the community since 1898.  That’s 109 years of being continuously open and helping keep our community to prosper.  She’s seen a lot of shit go down, too.  The economic prosperity that Andrew Carnegie’s steel mills brought, and the devastation that came when those mills closed.  Two world wars, the Great Depression, and now the modern day recession, throughout the years mourning when neighboring libraries closing their doors due to lack of funding.  Andrew Carnegie himself founded the library and designed it to overlook his steel mill site.  He was quoted as saying:

“The building has rightfully in the center as the focus ‘The Library’– Music Hall upon the right and the Working Man’s Club upon the left. These three foundations from which healing waters are to flow for the Instruction, Entertainment and Happiness of the people. Recreation of the working man has an important bearing upon his character and development as his hours of work.”

You know that the nerd in me couldn’t pass up an opportunity to be a part of this region’s living history.  You can keep your LA Fitnesses and your tanning and your overpriced saunas.  I am happy right here in the Steel Valley, supporting my community while I work to better myself.

Speaking of, it felt really really good get back on the treadmill.  I am waaaaay out of shape at this point.  I have spent the better part of a month eating complete crap and moving very little.  I feel like I’m starting back at square one, but that’s okay.  Momentum is better than inertia!  Right now, I’m being realistic about my goals and just working on building my base back up 30 minutes at a time.

Yesterday (Thursday), I warmed up with a 15 minute power walk, jogged at my usual pace for 10, and then did a 5 minute cool down.  Built up a nice sweat, stretched out, and went home with no shin splints or leg issues.  So today I shifted to a 10 minute power walk warm-up, a 15 minute jog, and a 5 minute cool down.



If you do something 21 times consecutively it becomes a habit, right?  19 more workouts to go!  With this gym membership also comes the opportunity to integrate real strength training and free weights into my program.  Access to the pool and other equipment gives me a variety of cardio options if I ever need a break from running.  I am considering taking a few of the classes that they offer, schedule permitting!  I’ve been taking a really good multivitamin I bought down at Vitamin Shoppe and I have a few other changes I want to make.  For example, I need to take stretching so much more seriously than I do now, especially considering my history of shin issues. I’ve been following Housewife Glamour‘s stretching routine and it’s awesome:


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