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Ice Skating N’at

9 Jan

The last few days have been busy, but uneventful.  I ran 2 miles on both Sunday and Monday – which I wasn’t sure I would be able to pull off!  I didn’t work out on Tuesday because there was some confusion with the schedule at work and I didn’t plan my time accordingly.  Lame.  On Wednesday, I managed to get in 1 mile on the treadmill while I was babysitting.  But between the heated, fighting noises and the suspicious quiet periods coming from upstairs, I was too paranoid to leave them alone for too long!  I make it a point to enter all of my runs into the Map My Run app on my phone.  I want to track exactly how many miles I log in 2014.  Hopefully I look back at this post in June and am amused with this mileage!

We spent the afternoon ice skating with family at the Schenley Ice Rink, so the 1 mile worked to my advantage.  The two older boys do not need those plastic grannie walker looking things, they were being used for battering ram purposes and attempting tricks.  In other words, making all of the other ice skaters very paranoid of being taken out at the knees or rammed by accident.  RED alternated following them and being pushed by them, so she was having a ball.  DR was struggling a bit more than the older boys, but still had a lot of fun skating around the loop close to the wall.  I’m looking forward to the family ice skating party later this month, where dozens and dozens of Christina’s relatives get together for a big ice skating party.

photo credit: Amanda

photo credit: Amanda

Why are ice skates so painful?  My arches and ankles were killing me and I somehow got a blister halfway up the back of my calf.  If I had gone 2 miles, I might have pushed my legs past the point of having fun! And despite following 2-4 children around and not losing a single item of clothing, I somehow lost my own glove between the ice skating rink and the car.  Figures!

Despite sleeping in past my alarm this morning, I do plan on hitting the gym tonight to get some kind of physical activity in before the end of the day.  I’m feeling very accomplished  because I’m really staying committed to doing some kind of physical activity every day.  The weather seems to have calmed down now and is cooperating, which gives me more options for activities and locations.

So far, 2014 is just wonderful. 🙂

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