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9 Apr

Everything is in transition right now it seems.  No complaints here, I can’t stand when things are stagnant.

The weather has finally turned towards spring, enough that I can run outside and enjoy being indoors with the windows open.  Man, I swear there is no better sleep than being warm under the blankets with a cool breeze and city sounds coming through my window.  We sat on the porch for hours the other day and it was heavenly!  This is what I felt like after 1-2 beers:


I’ve been doing a lot of hanging out at the laundromat lately too:


Cloudy With A Chance of Meatballs ain’t gonna watch itself people!

My 5K is this Saturdayyyyyy!!!!!  I felt so prepared the week before Easter and now…not so much.  I missed about 4 days of training due to my own laziness and I sure am kicking myself for that now.  They say that with running, you will only ever get out of it what you put in.  Lesson.  Learned.  I’m going to stay positive and committed to running my own race.  The only failure is not finishing.

I have noticed a lack of energy in myself lately, and I know its my eating habits.  Food is fuel and I’ve been running on empty calories.  When I hit the grocery store, I committed to eating as clean as we possibly can.  She♥ is having a harder time giving up a lot of our carb-loaded staples (chips, crackers, bagels, etc.), but we are getting there!

I’m thinking of certain things as “transition foods.”  You know, better than we were eating, but not quite there yet.  Like this:


What other changes have we been a part of this week, you ask?  Well, one of Liberty & Chief’s first puppies drove by the house and luckily spotted us outside!  It was AWESOME to see how big Luca got.  He is bigger than Chief and definitely takes after his grand-daddy (Chief is 88 lbs., but his dad was closer to 100).


The top left photo was a picture of Luca during his last week with us, and the top right is one that his parents sent us a few months later.  Now, he is a man!!!  He’s doing so well and his family adores him.  He’s smart and was easily trained, but still has a lot of energy.  I don’t even think he’s done growing yet and he’s weighing in at a solid 90 lbs.!  Seeing him made my heart very happy!!

Endings & Beginnings

29 Dec

I had starting writing this using the WordPress app in my phone.  But when I tried to find my draft post when I signed in this morning, it was no where to be found.  Rookie mistake for thinking draft posts on my iPhone would transfer to my WordPress account on the computer?  Am I going crazy or should that be a thing you can do?

Despite how it may look, I have no clue what I am doing.

Here is a lost post from last night:



The puppies are all at their new homes.  All the puppies.  NOW I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS.

Oh, sweet silence.  And sweet hours spent not straining to hear what puppy mischief is going on in the other room.


I do miss them.  The house feels a whole lot emptier without them.

The grown-ups are starting to wonder where all the people went.



Hallie is going to take it especially hard.  She was an awesome aunt!

But, tonight I reclaimed a little bit of my kitchen.  Granted, the only light source I have right now is a clip-on spotlight I aim at different parts of my counter.  But, I wasn’t being swarmed by romping nuggets or nibbled on or constantly on the swivel for pooping off the newspaper.


Despite my walls covered in yellow linoleum flooring (don’t ask), it was exhilarating.

And will be x2 in the morning, when we don’t have to clean up puppy mess for 40 minutes before we even really wake up.

Oh, and for the record, this morning was BLISS.

Adorbs ♥

15 Nov

I’ve been a little extra busy this last week…

Some things just take up so much time…

But are so rewarding…

Even if sometimes it feels like you’ve got your hands REALLY full…

I think that’s about all the cuteness you can handle for today ♥

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