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Heat Wave Flashback!

21 Jun

It’s the first official day of summer!  What are you doing today?  Biking, hiking, running, swimming, reading, day drinking?  TELL ME NOW!!

I will be back Monday for a full recap of my weekend, but I thought it would be fun to see what we’ve been reading @ SFTS over the years around this time.

1 year ago (2013):


We were celebrating the Supreme Court ruling DOMA to be unconstitutional during the same month as Pittsburgh Pride.  This year,  we celebrated that Pennsylvania has ruled in favor of marriage equality!  We were also trying our hand at container gardening, whelping a litter of the sweetest F1 labradoodles, talking about Pittsburgh food trucks, and learning how to be a more responsible consumer!  Some of the month’s notable recipes were:  Perfect Chicken Burgers and Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Bars.

2 years ago (2012):


More gay pride (don’t you just love June!), but we also started our CSA: Clarion River Organics, hit up Kennywood, the Murray Avenue Grill, and talked about urban recycling issues.

Apparently I didn’t blog during the summer of 2011!  I think that’s when I switched my blog over from The Urban Pilgrim (yes, that’s what this blog was called when I first moved to the big city of Pittsburgh) to what you now know as SOLE For The Soul.  Did you read The Urban Pilgrim?  But seriously, what are you doing this weekend?


Wordless Wednesday

26 Jun
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via @GettyImages + @ellievhall

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Pittsburgh Pride 2012

13 Jun

One of my favorite happenings in Pittsburgh (and other cities) is PRIDE!

If you haven’t caught on, I’m a big lesbian:

Pride is the one time of year where I’m okay with PDA.  I’m generally anti-PDA (gay or straight), but Pride is one of those times I generally let my guard down.

Pittsburgh Pride is an awesome week long event, and generally speaking, you’ll only catch me at the parade.  I’m not into the binge-drinking parties or Melissa Ethridge (who performed on Saturday night).

This year – we had a plan.  We met up with some friends, scouted a parking garage and had a bird’s eye view of the parade!

Gorgeous view of the courtyard fountain that I never would have known existed:

It seemed like the perfect view to set up shop!

We got set up early, so when we were looking down on all the peasants, we were wondering what would happen:

The turnout was amazing!  So many people showed up to show their support!!

The parade itself was so…prideful!

Cheers to all my homos, especially the newlyweds!

It was EXTRA exciting to spend the afternoon with two of our friends who just got hitched in New York State.

In NY – they are married.  As in wife and wife.  No domestic partnership, civil union, blah blah shenanigans.  To quote my friend: “Oh yeah, I’m wifed up!”

I highly encourage everyone to attend a gay pride parade, even if you aren’t gay.  Its not just gay guys in speedos running around doing shots (I don’t know why people think that).  You get to see real citizens of your community, their families, children and friends all coming out to support marriage equality and gay pride.


Wordless Wednesday

13 Jun

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