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Race Day Eve: Checking In

12 Apr


The 5K is tomorrow morning!!!

I don’t know why I’m so nervous, it’s not like I’m trying to win a medal. If this makes sense to anyone not living inside my brain: I have trained for nine straight weeks. NINE. And even after nine weeks, I’m still doubting myself. Not doubting that I can finish, because, lets be honest. If I one of my legs pulls a Kevin Ware and snaps, I will Walking Dead-style pull my bloody carcass across that finish line.

I just tried to find a GIF online of a crawling zombie and completely freaked myself out, to the point of closing the door to my office.  Instead, look at this adorable priest:

Father Scott Seethaler, who uses the Ole 5K to raise funds for the medical clinic he founded in Oaxaca, Mexico & named after his mother. (photo from Northern Connection magazine)

But, I did set a goal for myself to run the entire way and try not to take any walking breaks. Easier said than done, but I am going to be strong and I am going to be tough and I am going to push myself, dammit. Hal Higdon’s 5K Novice plan has me resting today and yesterday, which is nerve racking, especially since the last two weeks have been so inconsistent. I just keep randomly stretching and trying to mentally prepare myself.

This week, I’ve cut back on caffeine and processed foods and increased my intake of fruits, veggies, and whole grains. I’m embarrassed that this only became a priority the week of the race, but I can’t change that now! Better late than never. 🙂

Today, on race day eve, I am trying to fuel my body as well as possible. I ate a hearty breakfast of cheesy eggs, bacon, and almond milk. As my mid-day meal/snack, I packed a banana, 2 cups of halved strawberries, a bag of popped kennel corn, and celery with Alouette creamed cheese. I’ve been drinking tons of water. For dinner, I am keeping it simple with broiled steaks and a veg. I don’t want to eat anything different that’s going to make my stomach feel all wonky. Based on plans we made for tonight, I am allowing myself a late night bite. By no means do I plan on carb loading. Let’s get real: its a 5K (not a marathon) and with my nerves running so high, that’s just giving myself a permission to binge.

Every one has been so positive and encouraging, I really could not be more thankful for all the wonderful people I have in my life – especially ♥Christina.

The race doesn’t start until 10AM. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing, but its one of several things I will talk about in my first ever race recap.

Oh my gosh, I am going to write my first race recap!!!!!  Anyway, wish me luck 🙂

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