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Brew in Beechview

10 May

Sorry for my long absences, I’m in the middle of my graduate research AND Changin’ Time is really taking off.  Both faster and slower that I could ever imagine.

Shameless plug:

Since I’ve been frequenting Beechview a little bit more, I thought I would do a follow-up post from the Crested Duck.  I have decided not to share my secret access to the aging room just yet.

Instead, since its nice and chilly in Pittsburgh today, I am turning my attention to coffee.  The best invention ever.

And Brew – a community-owned coffee house on Broadway Ave. – is what I’m craving.

Adorable.  When the weather is nice, there is some great seating out front on the patio/sidewalk.

My first visit to Brew was a little overwhelming!  Everything is adorable so I of course wanted pics of everything.  I wandered around with my iced chai latte like a creep and scoped out the place.

There was a dog there with her owner, which hello…..I have the attention span of a goldfish sometimes and I can’t walk past a dog without having a full conversation with it.

Then I got sucked into a conversation with a ex-New Yorker, a violin maker to be exact.  He was chatting me up about the Pittsburgh Youth Symphony, which is supposed to be incredible.  They have been added to my super secret list of places/things to do.  🙂

During our conversation, I noticed this adorable little deli board, which visually explains how each drink is made:

We didn’t have time to sit and relax, but if we did – I would have picked this spot:

Brew is a pretty neat idea: after expenses and wages are paid, the “profits” of the shop get invested back into community projects.  I wish Homestead would wake up and smell the coffee.  (Don’t judge me.)

To keep a short story short – Brew is worth a visit.  Get like me ♥

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