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Final 15: Checking In

28 Mar

Yep, that’s right.  It’s 15 days out from my first 5K.


Training has still been completely on the treadmill due to the weather.  I’ve read that treadmill training is not the best idea, but I have no regrets.  This is what works for me right now and its kept me on track.  I’m not yet a “runner of steel” – how many Pittsburgh runners refer to themselves.  These frigid temps would have definitely been an obstacle for me, one which I feel I overcame by using the treadmill.  The late Pennsylvania spring promises to be right around the corner and I’m looking forward to spending many of my last training runs outside.


When race day does arrive, I know that I will have some pacing issues.  I’m okay with that.  I will just continue to remind myself to slow down and focus on finishing, not trying to keep up with the other runners.  I’ve intentionally slowed down my pace on the treadmill and repeat to myself a little mantra: long & strong.  That’s how I need to run my race.  Focus on the longer distance, not the speed.  Run strong, finish strong.


I’m so completely nervous and excited and anxious, but I’m starting to feel ready.  This week I bumped my distance up to 2.75 miles and you know what?  It’s not that bad.  I know that as long as I focus on my goal of long & strong, I can and will finish.  This whole experience has been such a confidence boost for me.  I feel like such a boss every time I input my run into daily mile and so accomplished as the distances keep getting longer and longer.


One thing I know I need to work on is food.  I’m always confused about what I should be eating.  Am I getting enough carbs?  Am I eating too many carbs?  Am I getting enough protein?  How many calories should I be eating? It’s all very confusing and I feel like I should at least be losing some weight during this process.  I’m not though, so I wonder if I’m doing something wrong.  Losing weight is not the reason why I started running, but it sure would be a nice bonus!

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