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Push Through It

4 Jan

All day on Friday, I felt walloped by this bug.  I was basically a zombie all day and headed to bed super early again.  We’ve been surviving on cereal for days. Today I woke up feeling better but still really out of it.  I need to get this cough to be productive!  Any tips?  I can’t function on the cold meds anymore, I stopped taking them.

This morning was pretty low key, I spent most of it resting.  In the afternoon, I knew I had to get a run in – even if it was just a mile.  I was in auto-pilot layering up for a cold weather jog, but I got it done.  Even though I feel like crap and the sidewalks/streets are in horrible condition, I am proud of my 1.25 miles.  I’m just looking forward to feeling better soon.


I knew I had to put in some effort for dinner tonight, too.  I made pan-seared salmon with a garlic-dijon cream sauce.  I’m not 100% sure how it turned out because my taste buds are thrown off by my congestion.  It tasted good to me, but I don’t know how reliable that is right now!  Christina said it was good, so there you have it.


We had some jasmine rice and edamame (not pictured) as a side.  It was pretty tasty and light.  I’m nibbling on the leftover edamame tonight while I watch Christina prepare to tile the kitchen floors. 🙂  Here’s hoping to another good night’s sleep and a productive Sunday!

PS – I think I want a TV in my kitchen y’all.

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