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Busybodies ♥

19 May

Not much to report here, folks!  We have been at little league games for the past two days AND we have one more game tonight.  Practice makes perfect, I guess, and the BNBs need a lot of it!

We have been so busy in fact, that we were so busy we had to order PF Chang’s the other night for “lunch/dinner.”

So good, as always!

We split an order of chicken lettuce wraps, flaming red wontons (with pork and spicy garlic), and each got an egg roll.  It was….ehhhh.  PF Chang’s has never really impressed me.  I’ve actually started to prefer my version of the chicken lettuce wraps since I’ve started eating less processed food.

Let me just say this:  If we hadn’t been given a gift card (which we are incredibly grateful for), we probably wouldn’t have ordered there and won’t again.  B-

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