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Great Cloth Diaper Change 2012

22 Apr

I don’t know how many of my readers are into cloth diapers, but I AM.  I actually own a cloth diaper service with three of my closest family members/friends.

Well yesterday, was a big day in cloth diapers – the Great Cloth Diaper Change.  Its an event that people participate in around the world – at 12:30 p.m. on April 21st (this year, anyway) – millions of moms around the world changed a reusable diaper.  Its in the Guinness Book of World Records, look it up baby.

Well, we, the Changin’ Time staff + Lil’ Red of course because if we left her behind whose diaper would get changed…

So, off we went through the Laurel Highlands

And through the windy-whispery woods (I’m channeling Buddy the Eflt here people)…near Idlewild Park…

It was actually a pretty scenic drive.  My business-partner, future sister-in-law, and sustainabilabuddy Amanda @ Ventures in Green just went camping nearby with her son’s boyscout troop.  I’m not really into sleeping outside with bears, but if you are – then this place got two thumbs up from the scouts!

Ligonier, PA, where I had never been, was VERY old-town, very scenic, very small-town western PA.

It seemed very quaint, bustling, and safe…I pretty much loved it but wish it was in the middle of the city!

Very scenic and beautiful, but I’ll take my skyscrapers and bridges anyday!

So we finally arrived at Mommy Gear – this amazing breastfeeding and women’s boutique which hosted the Great Cloth Diaper Change in Westmoreland County.  Their store is so cute!!  Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to really take pics in the store area, their website is great.

They hosted the GCDC in their lower room, which is basically a big open space.

Notice the man putting change into the meter, because parking is no joke in Ligonier.

We weren’t able to see too much of the store, but

I did snap a pic of Lil’ Red for the 5 seconds I could get her to keep this hippo hat on her…

So, back to the GCDC2012…

I was an EXPERT witness, if you can believe that. And it being my first year, I had no idea what to expect.

People came in, they were given door bags as they entered:

& were able to check out and the door prizes and the display tables (like ours).

Then, there were just a lot of babies!  But it was nice to see that a lot of the cloth parents already knew each other, and were open to networking with one another, and just lots of babies being babies!

People were coming up to our table and asking about our service; several expectant moms were considering a diaper service because cloth diapering one kid can be hard enough (let along two or three).

It wasn’t surprising, considering we had amazing free advertising…

As time wound down to 12:30, Dawn, owner of Mommy Gear and coordinator of the event, explained the rules to everybody and people got situated in their diaper changing squares.

And then it was time!

All the parents held their reusable (cloth) diaper in the air for a before picture:

And after the Mayor of Ligonier counted down, the Great Cloth Diaper Change happened!  Just like that…

Here are the charming, expecting couple who chose our door prize:

It was an amazing day for us!  Lots of positive energy, lots of networking, and lots of sustainable-minded families, just like ours!!

On the way home, we had to stop at Ligonier Town Hall…

To pay a parking ticket.  Unlike the guy feeding the meter in the beginning of this post – we city folk should have know they took this parking issue very seriously.  Ligonier: $5  Us: $0

The car ride home was pretty much what I expected…

♥ I’d say for us as a family, as a business, as a family-owned business, as a circle of tight knit friends,

it was a pretty good day all around. ♥

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