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Grandma Skating

14 Apr

The other day, she♥ and I took the boys rollerblading on the “Eliza Furnace Trail,” otherwise known as the “Jail Trail.”  If you’re not from Pittsburgh, its named that because it is a straight ride directly to the Allegheny County Jail.  It might sound funky but the trail is nice and is pretty scenic.

We were basically born ready.

Neither one of us had prepared with helmets, kneepads, elbow pads, or wrist guards like a true rookie/veteran (not sure which yet).  I know that I am extremely accident prone and I definitely need to invest in at least wrist guards.

SOME people are a little more eager than others and don’t wait for ANYone.  I swear O’Reily was half a mile ahead of us the ENTIRE time.  He kept yelling back, “You’re too slow!”  Talk about motivation!

I’m basically like a swan…gracefully gliding past the Hot Metal Bridge.

Keep in mind that I have very little idea on how to stop and only the very basic knowledge of technique.  Since her♥ ankle (which she♥ broke last summer) was acting up, she♥ went back to the car a little early.

Me and 2 kids and I am on these rollerblades!!!  Yikes!!!

It worked out okay…

Jacked ended up using her♥ skates (they wear the same size right now, which is a big deal to Jack) and had a blast.  We ended up traveling about 2.4 miles.  It did NOT feel like it, though.

While I’ve biked the path (starting at the Jail), this was my first time roller blading.  Actually it was my first time really roller blading since junior high.

The arches of my feet hurt like hell and my ankles/calves felt like I had been doing lunges for hours.  But as soon as I took my skates off, the pain went away.  I’m attributing it to the fact that I need to break in my skates!

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