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Smallman Street Deli: Big Taste

24 Mar

While I am working on my recap of Farm To Table, I thought I would leave you with a little gem from earlier in the week.  She♥ had been given a gift certificate to the Smallman Street Deli.  We of course chose the one located on Murray Ave. in Squirrel Hill because it is closer, although I have been to the one on Smallman Street as well.

The first thing that I have always loved about this place is the patio seating.  Those things in the front that look like windows?  When the weather is nice, those are open and you can eat your breakfast/lunch/dinner in fresh air.  Love.

When you walk in the front door, it seems like a traditional deli:

There are cases of prepared cold foods, meats, beers, etc.  I also love how the menu is written on a chalkboard that wraps the entire length of the deli.  As you walk to the counter to order, you can see what they offer for breakfast and then lunch and then dinner.

I couldn’t help but notice the gluten-free beer selection:

And the meat case, which we were informed contained meat that was made and cured on site (kosher of course):

So finally we made our way up to the counter after I’m sure I completely alientated the deli clerk.

I, of course, already knew what I was going to get.

The Reuben.  My favorite.  $8.99 of pure heaven.

We headed for the outdoor patio, but of course walked through the crazy big indoor dining area:

They give you a number and bring the food right out to your table.

Here is what my little lovely looked like…

As served:

Oh.  Em.  Gee.

The perfect rye:


And like a little oyster (Paula Deen, style perhaps, but full of something beautiful):



The best damn corned beef in the city.  And the best damn Reuben at that.

I wanted to run back to my car and inform the general public that they are ignorant of the amazing corned beef they are missing out on.  (Although most residents of Squirrel Hill probably already know.

I think I need to stop back for breakfast some morning. I mean, you can’t go wrong with a “Meshugena Omelet,” right?

Moral of the story:  foodgasm.

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