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Friday Things

8 Feb

There are so many things I want to say about Wednesday’s post, but I will have to save that for another day. ūüôā

Today has been busy and its not even halfway through my day yet.¬† We’ve got some help at the house today and I’ve been told that the kitchen will be wired and dry-walled by the time I come home tonight.¬† YIPPEE!!!!!!¬† I made sure to take some before pictures late last night as I was emptying the kitchen of its contents.

This morning, I had to do diaper & laundry deliveries by myself.¬† Stressful doesn’t even begin to describe how I feel about doing deliveries by myself.¬† I always manage to get all turned around, even though I know exactly where I’m going.¬† I constantly find myself in the wrong or slow or turning lane.¬† And I do NOT deal well with detours.¬† After arriving at my first delivery several minutes before what would be considered “LATE” (<– my least favorite thing in the world), I decided to catch my breath and calm my nerves with coffee.

If you are from Pittsburgh, you know there are about a million coffee stops near Shadyside, but parking is always an obstacle for me.  I decided to swing by Coffee Tree Roasters in East Liberty for several reasons.  One, there is always access to parking.  Two, it was on the way to my next delivery.  Three, I love Bakery Square.

Bakery Square

The East Liberty neighborhood of Pittsburgh is one of those in-between neighbors which is in the process of changing from a crime-riddled ghetto to one of Pittsburgh’s now re-gentrified destination spots.¬† It butts up against one of the most posh urban neighborhoods (Shadyside) and one with the worst reputation (Homewood).¬† Within a one mile radius, there is both an Anthropologie, a prestigious all-girls private school, and several low-income housing projects.¬† I think that its a neighborhood that is slowly assuming a new identity, but in a sustainable way. ¬†The neighborhood needed some new life breathed into it, I just hope that as it grows it does so by welcoming people of all income levels.

The development at Bakery Square was a turning point for East Liberty, in my opinion.¬† The development of several blocks of vacant, run-down warehouses into luxury offices, storefronts and living space gave people a reason to give East Liberty another chance.¬† The fact that Google opened offices in the Bakery Square development surely didn’t hurt.

Nestled front and center is Coffee Tree Roasters:


Feeling crunched for time, I just ordered a large black coffee and grabbed one of these vegan energy bars at the register:


I¬†know the quality is a little bad, but that’s what you get for taking pictures while driving. ¬†I should include the disclaimer here that I am not a vegan or gluten-free, nor do I have any real desire to be. ¬†This was an impulse buy – kudos to whoever the genius was who realized product placement was a good idea. ¬†These Heart Thrive bars by The Healthy Baking Company (also the makers of the California Suncake) were dense. ¬†And dry. ¬†It wasn’t bad though. ¬†It was just different that what I’m used to. ¬†They claimed to contain ingredients with a low glycemic index, which sustain energy over a longer period of time instead of causing energy spike and dip in one spurt. ¬†I’d say that was accurate. ¬†Normally, I spend mid-morning in an english muffin or bagel-induced carb coma and I wasn’t feeling sluggish at all after these two cakes.


Also, I chose Cranberry simply because the only other option left was Raisin Spice. After checking out their website, I will be keeping my eyes peeled for a Chocolate Chip one.  I would definitely try these again, but in a different flavor.  Cheers to trying new things!


And to the little Transit that could. ¬†She’s being quite a trooper while she waits for her bumper to come in (its on back-order until March).


Burgh Eye View: East Liberty

14 May

These small unattended girls, who despite wearing school uniforms were not in school during school hours, have been blurred to protect their identities.

solar panel + green roof  = how did i not know about this?!

Where else in the ‘burgh can I find these?

Were they retrofitted or was an entire shelter constructed to complete the project?

Who did this – the city? PAT? East Lib? Nonprof?

I want answers, people!

Sunshine & Schenley

16 Apr

You would not believe the frustration I have had with the internet for the past few days.¬† We thought dropping internet from our “bundle” would save us money because we could make both of our iPhones Hot Spots for $20 a month.¬† Well, let me tell you.¬† I could barely keep a connection on the damn thing, it wouldn’t let me use wordpress or any of the photo editing sites I use to write my blog.¬† It could barely handle Facebook.¬† AND Verizon charges you for the data usage for your Hot Spot.

Something smells fishy here and it ain’t the Jersey Shore..

Sorry, I couldn’t pass that one up.

So anyway, we switched internet providers, found a better price and I’m back!¬† (Which in my opinion, is the most important part!)

Now that I’ve rambled on about my internet withdrawal and frustrations,

Have you ever just needed to unplug?

Or even not unplug, but just take some time outside, with the intent to do nothing at all?

She‚ô• and I had been feeling the need for some down time for awhile, so a few days ago we took a blanket up to Schenley Park and did nothing.

It was pretty much amazing.

We have two different ways of winding down I think though.  Mine:

And hers:

Whatever works ūüôā

I of course got bored quickly because both books I brought have such antiquated tones that I can literally only read for 15 minutes at a time.

Turns out the little section of the park we picked was awesome.  It had a little pavilion (obvi, most sites do), with cool picnic tables:

The pavilion itself of course had the required garbage bin (for parties, etc.) but it made me really happy when I noticed ours also had a big recycling bin too!!

Pittsburgh may be a green city, but its hard to find those damn recycling bins around.  They SHOULD be more conenient, so more people would USE them.

But who asked me, I’m not in charge here – and our little area had one!¬† Score one for sustainability.

This may seem minuscule to some of my readers, but bike racks are really important for a city to survive in a multi-modal way.¬† Pittsburgh happens to be a popular city for bicyclists, as it should be.¬† Our dependence on cars has completely ruined our way of life and our environment (trust me, I know I’m guilty in that as well).¬† The more things that a city does to encourage multi-modal transportation (like buses, light-rail, bicycle lanes, etc.), then the more people are likely to take advantage.

Just like the recycling bin…get it?

While I was checking out the bike rack like a freak, I happened to notice that we were just below a disc golf course!


And it was BUMPIN’!

We pinky-promised to go disc golfing another day, and I gathered some durable sticks which I plan to use as row markers in my garden this summer. ‚ô•

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