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Today is the first blank page of a 365 day book, write a good one.

1 Jan

How was your New Year’s Eve??  Mine was super fun!  Bea Arthur and I went to a friend’s house to ring in 2015 with some cocktails.


For once, I made a good decision and opted not to drink my weight in wine.  Instead, I stuck with Ketel One and Pear La Croix for most of the night and I was pretty happy with that decision.  Don’t get me wrong, there were shots of whiskey later and champagne at midnight of course.


Oh, and I ate all of the cheese.  Like, all of the cheese ever in existence it felt like.  I just can’t pass up a good cheese plate, especially when it comes with an assortment of mustards.  And did I mention there were s’mores?


Because when are pointy sticks and flaming balls of sugary goodness not a good idea when your entire group of friends is wasted?  Luckily, we all woke up this morning with our eyes intact and our heads banging which is a win in my book.  Now that the holidays are officially over, I am looking forward to all the wonderful things I have planned this year! 🙂

[Today] is the first blank page of a 365 page book, write a good one.” – Brad Paisley

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