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Impulsive Container Gardening

4 Jun

Remember that time I said I wasn’t going to plant a garden this year?  Because I should do some research?  And how I said I didn’t have any idea what I’m doing?

Well sometimes you just have to dive in.  Sometimes you are just impulsive.  Sometimes you just need to fuss over something because you’ve taken two weeks off of running and are going crazy.

Once upon a time (last week), Christina got me some free containers:


On Saturday at the farmer’s market, I couldn’t help but be tempted by all the lovely plant starts.  I mean, how convenient would it be to walk outside and grab lettuce instead of having to drive to the store?  Right?  So, I bought some green leaf lettuce starts and some resilient looking jalapeno pepper plants.  Then, when I went to Lowe’s to grab some potting soil with fertilizer (because, remember the lack of composting I’ve been doing) I grabbed a red bell pepper start and an eggplant start.  Why didn’t I grab these two at the farmer’s market?  Um…because I was trying to talk myself off the ledge.  I second guessed myself the entire time I was carrying the darn things around because I can’t even count the number of plant homicides and/or assisted suicides that have happened at my house over the years.

When I got home, I waded through the creek in the back of my house and grabbed some miscellaneous sized rocks to put in the bottom of my pots.  Apparently, it helps aerate the soil?  See that…research.  Then, I planted everything but the eggplant and watered them.  Now, I have no idea what to do with myself except for fuss over them and worry that they are going to die.

plant starts

Why didn’t I plant the eggplant?  Because my mother randomly mused that eggplants won’t produce unless you have two.  I muddled over this all weekend because the internet was down and I am too lazy to wait for things to load on my phone. For everyone’s information, this is false.  I think.  At least according to BonniePlants.  Also, I had no idea that eggplants grow tall like peppers.  I thought they spread like squash.  Hopefully this kind of eggplant does well in a container because he’s going in tonight after work!

I feel bad for them, but somebody has to be my lab rats.  If I can keep these plants alive for a few weeks, I might buy some others to fill the rest of my containers.  Their chances of survival are moderately higher than the ones that came before them.  For one, they are going to be in the front yard.  There is more direct sunlight in the front, there should be little to no dog interference, and the hose is 5 feet away.  So there’s that.

Wish them,me, and us luck 🙂  I’m pretty sure we are going to need it!

Garden Shmarden.

22 May

Around the same time every year, I get the urge to garden.  An all-consuming desire to grow my own food.  There are several problems that seem to arise:

1.  I have three dogs, one of whom loves to urinate on every single thing he can in the yard and sometimes even hoist is back end up to poop ON things.  Like a tree.  Or a bush.  Or the fence.  A few years ago, his favorite yard activity was to sneak behind my compost fence and eat the compost.  The point is that even raised beds aren’t going to cut it. Neither is a screen.

2.  I can’t keep a plant alive to save my life.  I forget to water.  I don’t water at all.  I over water.  I drown.  I bake.  I fry.  I killed aloe.  The only thing plant I’ve kept alive is a cactus for 3 years.  I left it in my closet and never watered it.  Apparently I couldn’t break its spirit.

3.  This is the lazy girl in me talking, but I feel like I don’t have the energy to keep up with it.  With the weeding.  The watering.  The digging.  I don’t even like to get dirty.  Between my business, my rental, my own house, whelping puppies, race training, and my duties with my trade association….really?   Gardening?

Am I just being lazy?  Yes.  Do I need to learn more about keeping plants alive?  Yes. Do I need to plan some dog-proof solutions? Yes.  Am I going to garden this year?  No.  Its the same vicious cycle every year, I swear.  I know that if its something I really want to make happen, I just have to implement some kind of plan for next year.  So, like any Type A personality, I have slowly been crafting a master plan for 2014.

Phase 1:

Get back on the compost wagon.  The sooner we start our compost pile back up, the sooner we will have wonderful organic fertilizer.

Begin the hoarding process of containers.  I think that container gardening might be a partial solution for my dog problems, but right now we don’t have anything to plant in.

Think of awesome project name because….duh.

One day I check my yard every hour to determine when the sun hits at what time of day.  I feel like that will be important at some point.  Also, I need to educate myself on which veggies thrive in what conditions (Certain parts of my yard are in full shade while the other half is full sun.  What is partial shade?).


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