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Lessons and Improvements

29 Jul

It’s time for my weekly workout recap!!  I know you were on the edge of your seat all weekend wondering how my progress was.  It’s okay.  You can admit it, its just between us.


Monday: I basically used Monday as a recovery day from my long run on Sunday (a whopping 2.5 miles).  In retrospect, I should’ve done a stretching workout.  It may have prevented some problems I faced throughout the week.

Tuesday: Ran 2.54 miles, but noticed a pain in the arches of my feet.  I’m not sure if this is happening because my shoes are getting old, because I’m getting old, or because I’m just out of shape!  I took walking breaks when it started to get really uncomfortable and that seemed to help.  Also, how awesome is it that I found these single serving chocolate milks on clearance at the grocery store for 39 cents each!?  The box must’ve opened and they couldn’t sell it.  Very convenient for a gal who usually drinks chocolate milk after cardio as a recovery aide!

chocolate milk

Wednesday:  Rest day.  I spent the day obsessing about why my arches were hurting and the shin splints that tormented me all day.  I am constantly battling shin splints and live in fear of having a Kevin Ware-ish moment with one of my legs.  Irrational?  Yes.  But I am so paranoid about getting injured because I just don’t want to have a major setback right as I’m building up momentum.

Thursday:  Cross training day, in which I power walked 2 miles.  This came at a perfect time.  Everything below my knees had been incredibly sore and this walk really helped me loosen everything up.  During the walk, I reflected on why I am feeling weird pains.  I decided that it’s probably because I am pushing myself to run faster than I should be.  I committed to running at a slower pace the rest of the week to see if that would help.  Also, on August 3rd, I will be attending a running clinic offered for The Great Race.  Hopefully they can tell me more about my pronation and steer me toward a better suited running shoe.

Friday: Ran 2.03 miles and had shin splints even worse than earlier in the week!  WTH!!!!  When I got home, I iced them off and on for about an hour and felt a little bit better.  By Saturday, I was honestly feeling really worried.

Saturday:  Cross training day, which I spent helping Christina on the remodel.  Between the squatting, lifting, and just general construction/painting/cleaning tasks I tackled – trust me, this day was not wasted!  None of this helped my shin splints at all, but I also didn’t feel any worse.  In fact, by Saturday night I was having anxiety about my long run Sunday morning.

Sunday:  I woke up and thought Get up and walk around.  If your shins are hurting, don’t push yourself into injury.  Just listen to your body.  And you guys.  My body was ready to run!  I felt great.  I was determined for this day to be better than the previous days.  So, I tried a different strategy: I brought a partner.  A long-legged partner who I knew wouldn’t get tired before me.


And my strategy worked.  We crushed it.  Yeah, my shins were a little sore when I got home, but during the run I was more focused on Hallie than obsessing over every little pain I felt in my body.  I mean, I didn’t even turn my music on until mile 2.  I can attribute a few things to the success of this run:  having a distraction, slowing down and focusing on distance, listening to my body, and fueling better throughout the week.

Here are my carrots for next week:

This week I clocked 9.57 miles.

My fastest pace was 10:30.

My farthest distance was 3 miles.

Be Careful What You Wish For

16 May

Wednesday Morning:

7:30 a.m.

I snooze my alarm, wander downstairs to let the furballs outside, and collapse onto the couch to fall back asleep.

7:45 a.m.

Christina starts calling my name from upstairs.  When I respond, she asks me what I’m doing.  “Sleeping,” I groan and pray for her to be satisfied with a single word.  She tells me my phone is ringing, a colleague whom I work closely with.  I realize that its 4:30 a.m. in her time zone.  I wander upstairs, curious to know what the emergency early morning phone call is about.

8:00 a.m.

I curl up next to Christina in bed and ask if my friend left a voice mail.  “Wellll, she didn’t call.  I just had to get you upstairs to talk to you.”  Gasp.  Trickery.  Betrayal.  “What?!” I say jokingly.  And then, my life coach future wife gave me one hell of a pep talk.

8:15 a.m.

After reluctantly putting on my running clothes, we step out into a light drizzle.  Hmph.  “Great,” I say.  “It’s starting to rain.”  I huff and puff on the sidewalk as she hands me a paper to drop off at the building next door.  I huff and puff some more.  “Just go,” she tells me as she drives off.

8:20 a.m.

I emerge from the building next door and notice our car parked suspiciously across the street.  As I near the sidewalk, she rolls down the windows and I hear it:

I am mortified.  My face turns absolutely crimson, a color usually reserved for after my run.  I demand her to stop.  She rides alongside me as we head for the red light at the end of the street.  By this point, I cannot stop smiling and laughing at how ridiculous we are.  Another pedestrian is amused, and confused, by the spectacle that is us.  When the light turns green, she follows me instead of making the turn she normally does which will take her on her morning deliveries.  Ahhhh!!!  “Okay, okay!!  I’m going,” I half scream, half laugh at her.  As she pulls slowly away from me and drives further out of sight, I can no longer hear the music.  But, I can see her fist pumping out of the car window and into the morning air.

Sometimes, God answers your prayers in ways you never could have expected.

And sometimes, if you are even half as lucky as me, you realize that He wrapped up your Mickey Goldmill and your Adrian into one incredible person.

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