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almond-crusted anniversary

7 Oct

I owed her♥ a nice healthy and home-cooked meal tonight.  Not only is it our one year and seven month anniversary, but I have been a serious slacker in the meal department.  Would you believe that I used to cook three meals a day??  Of course not!  How could you believe that when all I’ve been doing is eating out for the last week!

I have been snacking on almonds all week.  They are one of my favorite snacks to grab and bring to work with me.  This girl LOVES the mixture of raw almonds and ice cold water!!!  They remind me of fall in Western PA

So I just knew I had to make almond crusted chicken breasts….MMMMM!!!

I chopped up one cup of raw almonds in the food processor and put it in a shallow bowl.  In another bowl, I whipped up 2 egg whites.  Then I just dipped the chicken in the egg and then the almonds.

Since I didn’t use flour or breadcrumbs to bread the chicken, I had to give the crust time to set.  If you skip this step, the almonds will not stick to the chicken as well.  I usually put them in the fridge for around 12 minutes.

I crisped them up a in a little bit of oil in a saucepan before I popped them in the oven for 20 minutes at 350º.  They turned out AWESOME.  The only problem was they were slightly dry!

Broccoli in Cheese Sauce

We had a side of rice pilaf and an Green Giant Steamers pouch that I’d picked up to test out.  Honest opinion about the Steamers pouch – average.  I probably wouldn’t buy it again.  I’m not a huge fan of broccoli as it is and the “light sauce” kind of freaked me out.  It portioned out between two people nicely, but it won’t ever substitute for the fresh stuff.  Don’t judge me – I’m a young professional trying to juggle working full time and my domestic bliss!!!!  

Just a quick bite ♥

7 Oct

It’s a pretty busy day at work today, so I’ll make this short and sweet!!  Lunch today was provided by Two Louie’s Market in the Strip…

1233 Penn Ave.

Each day, Two Louie’s offers a lunch special for $5.99 along with all of their other goodies!  I love this place because:

1.  The employees are the same day after day and they actually remember you.

2.  The market is located in an older building.  The ceiling is gorgeous and the inside walls are brick.

3.  Two Louie’s is a great example of a business run by true Yinzer’s.  They always have Steelers and Penguins banners/other merch hanging and you can bet that these ladies are decked out come game day!!


Anyway, the special today was the cajun-chicken wrap:  lightly seasoned grilled chicken with lettuce (I opted for no tomato and no ranch!) on a flour tortilla.  You can grab a drink and bag of chips for $1, which makes this a quick and delicious lunchtime favorite!!

“plenty of sunshine heading my way…”

7 Oct

Feeling pretty good this morning for several reasons!!  First and  most obviously…

finally some blue skies!

Secondly, one of my favorite bloggers left me a comment!  I really appreciate the support and it definitely makes this journey a little brighter!! 

I love the idea of blogging and always have – being able to connect with people all over the country.  I maintained a blog from 2002 until around 2004, writing my way through and out of depression.  It was full of memories and inside jokes, song lyrics and diary-entries that weren’t really for anyone to read but myself.  I decided to retire that blog once my life starting changing.  I still read through it every now and then and thinking to myself – “Wow…my life was so different then.”  The person who wrote those tired entries is just a shadow that I catch a glimpse of every now and then.  That shadow is cast by all the light given off my wonderfullife.  I am busy becoming the person that everyone always thought I could be.  Believe me, baby, now I’m shining bright. 

On my way…

7th Ave.

no words needed

6 Oct

Gran Agave @ the Waterfront

fun & airy ceiling in the restaurant

chilcken enchiladas a la carte

outdoor seating for a dryer evening!

see the Improv...perhaps a date night?? ;o)

eat fresh!

6 Oct

I am a terrible slacker!  I have been procrastinating about going grocery shopping until this weekend.  I really hate to have to grab a bite while I’m at work because it’s never as healthy as it could be.  Planning and meal/snack strategy is so important to losing weight and I am not getting off on a very good foot!

Don’t you just love Pittsburgh?? ♥  The Cultural District has a really great feel to it.  Lots of brick sidewalks and creative-centric.  Sadly, I never really have much reason to be done there unless we take in a show but that doesn’t happen too often.  I’ve got to take in the vibe when I can!

Penn Ave.

It was really nice to get out of the office and the walk to Subway was actually almost half a mile round-trip.  I opted for a 6″ buffalo chicken on wheat with lettuce and some sun chips.  It could’ve been worse, but it also could’ve been a lot better. 

I will make better decisions tomorrow!!

At lunch, I talked to a few co-workers who like to RUN.  I have actually been wanting to learn how to RUN for awhile.  I don’t know why I keep hesitating.  I guess I’m just afraid that I won’t be able to really get the hang of it.  You know what?  You just have to make yourself do what you want to do.  Even and especially if you are scared.  I am the type of person who has always been somewhat resistant to risks.  This is something that I have been trying to change about myself.  I don’t want to look back in six months and say to myself “Wow, I really regret not trying that.”

By Monday, I will have my plan outlined on teaching myself to RUN!

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